2014/01/01 Brussels SmartBatt awarded – EGVI project of the month 11/12 2013
2013/11/18 Barcelona Past Event
2013/06/18 Karlsruhe Past Event
2013/06/17 Berlin Past Event
2013/04/10 Brussels Past Event
2012/12/12 Borås Successful Close-Down-Meeting of SmartBatt
On December 12th, 2012, the successful SmartBatt-Close-Down-Meeting was held at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Borås, Sweden. The entire SmartBatt team were attending the meeting and presented proudly the built-up and fully functional SmartBatt prototype. SmartBatt Team
2012/11/19 Brussels Past Event
2012/09/27 Chicago Past Event - Call for Papers
2012/09/10 Vienna Past Event
2011/11/14 Shanghai Past Event
2011/09/27 Detroit Past Event
2011/06/20 Berlin Past Event
2011/04/20 Internet Cars21: Axeon awarded
2011/01/31 Vienna Successful Kick-Off-Meeting
On January 31st - February 1st, 2011, the SmartBatt-Kick-Off-Meeting was held at the Autsrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Vienna, which was very successful. All 9 partners (4 industrial incl. 2 SMEs and 5 research partners) from 5 European countries (Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom), were attending the meeting. SmartBatt Team